Hey! Welcome to the Sunflowerposies Brand Rep Information page. Here you will find all the information regarding what it takes to be a rep, what is expected of you and what you'll receive in return for all your hard work. 

Let's get right to it....

As a rep you will be expected to support sunflowerposies through your social media platforms. Not only will we expect to see you as an active like, comment, save and sharer of our posts and stories but we will also expect you to be posting your own photos of your little ones in our pieces, taggings us and actively promoting this little business. The photos you will provide will be used on all our social media platforms, the website and any business stationary throughout your time as a rep. Photos of your little ones will not be used if you are no longer a rep for us. Lastly, we expect monthly purchases from you. There is no minimum spend for this and keep reading to see how we this mandatory online shopping a bit more fun. 

In return for all your love and support you will receive a 20% off code for yourself, you are able to use this an unlimited amount of times during your time as a rep......see, what's more fun than a lovely discount? On top of this you will receive a 10% off code to share with friends, family and your followers (we highly recommend sharing as much as you can as to recieve the milestone incentives). In the past we have held rep competitions that we plan to start back up again giving more chances to win some store credit or goodies. You will receive early access to new fabrics and products.

We will be keeping an eye on the amount of support we receive from each of our reps and will promote/send out freebies accordingly. 

Now for the serious stuff...... Any reps that are seen to be uninterested in being a rep, not making their monthly purchases (if there is a financal issue please reach out, we're very understanding of all different circumstances), not interacting or promoting the business then you will be contacted to address this issue. Unfortunately after two warnings you will be removed from our rep team.